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A Short History
According to the popular belief, the Marth Mariam Valiyapally at Kothamangalam (St. Mary's Cathedral) was founded in the 4th century by a few Syriac Christian families who migrated from Paravur and Angamali. Among the later Christian inhabitants of the place included a few Syrian Knanaites who eventually intermingled with the local Christian community. (Knanaites are those Syrian Orthodox Christians who migrated to Malabar from the Syrian province of Roman Empire in AD 345).
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Kothamangalam Perunnal
Kothamangalam celebrates 326 th Orma Perunnal of Eldho Mor Baselios Bava.
Vicar's Message
It gives me immense pleasure to greet you through the pages of our newly designed web site. It is a new mile stone in the history of the Kothamangalam Martha Mariam Cathedral Valiya Pally .
Holymass Timings
   Holymass (1st)  - 7.30am
   Holymass (2nd) - 8.45am
   Holymass  - 7.45am
   Holymass  - 7.30am
Other Days
   Holymass  - 7.30am
Shoonoyo Perunnal
   Morning Prayer  - 7.15am
   Holymass  - 7.00am
Shoonoyo Perunnal
prabatha prathana
15-August-2014, 7:15:am
Holymass HB baselious thomas I
15-August-2014, 8:00:am
Sunoro Vanakkam
15-August-2014, 10:00:am
Price Distribution for academic excellence of +2 Students
15-August-2014, 10:45:pm
15-August-2014, 11:00:pm
Aseervatham,Nercha Sadhya,Kodiyiraku
15-August-2014, 12:30:pm